Apple’s Latest IOS Update May Affect Your Ads and Reporting.

Frequently, when there is an evolution in technology and operating systems – comes a hidden catch! Apple’s latest IOS 14 advancements means that your Ads and Reporting with Facebook may be affected. So, are you ready for the changes?

In case you’re wondering what is going on, Apple recently launched ‘App Tracking Transparency’ in their latest operating system update, which prohibits Apps from collection and sharing data (tracking) on the user’s smartphone.

Yes – that’s right, your apps have been tracking and sharing your personal data with other Apps this whole time! If you’re not a marketer, you’ll probably now understand, this is why you have been receiving such targeted and personalised ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (and no – before you jump the gun, Siri is not listening to you – that’s still a conspiracy).

OK, to sum up – it’s now mandatory for all Apps within the App Store that wish to continue data tracking, to prompt the IOS user with an OPT-IN feature. But wait, what does this mean for marketers and their paid advertising campaigns?

If you’re in the digital marketing or advertising fields, it’s best that you get up to speed so you don’t get left behind, wondering WTF is going on with your reporting. Facebook has prepared a resource/article, to explain the changes in depth and what actions you can take, to prepare for the new IOS 14 changes: READ IT HERE.

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